Thick Puerto Rican Chick Gets Penetrated By Black Dick

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Justin Slayer;Taj Mendez


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Justin Slayer and Taj Mendez

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16 Replies to “Thick Puerto Rican Chick Gets Penetrated By Black Dick”

  1. heleni30 says:

    Katie, I'm volunteering to give you the massage. You just lay there and enjoy it - no reciprocating or tips. ._ _.

  2. Yuicut says:

    i did too but with my elder step sister i dont know if we are gonna do it again she is coming this Christmas to celebrate with us ; )

  3. sun89 says:

    go make it happen

  4. Pittyboy says:

    How many dicks she had... and she talking about ooo like that shit hurting that loose pussy

  5. masambailey21 says:

    i think everythings r fair in sex if two partners r ready to sex ,i dont mind it........

  6. kissoflife says:

    my dick won't sleep because of her, OMG Girls Check my bio, u'll be interested i'm sure

  7. angelkisses1239 says:

    Video parts. 1- girl doing weird things 2- pedop***e appears 3- the guy makes things more weir than they actually are

  8. TaraFischer says:

    Well, her moaning ruined it. Dying dog

  9. hassan says:

    Only in porn would this girl be "chubby." Her body is incredible!

  10. K1tteh says:

    She's gorgeous and her body is perfect

  11. scorpionsudhir says:

    :1:33-1:38, please, i created account to know her name

  12. mrathbun says:

    his face and facial expressions makes me so wet

  13. sub2harold says:

    Hey wassup Boo?? Hope cool i have been Though Your Profile and i Swear any time i get to it i get Wet,I wouldn't Mind if we talk Via Text Or even a Skype video Call,I am very sorry but i can't subdue my Feeling Please get back to me ASAP.Thanks

  14. zlatkogr says:

    she's perfect.

  15. hannahjfall says:

    Hot as hell! I believe Jayden is a squirter and doesn't know it lol. In all the years of pussy I've eaten I've seen that 'squirm-dance' a hundred times! And all they gotta do is just  r e l a x  and let go hehe!

  16. Dirk_Blyth says:

    I'm dow tno fuck. Where's that bus?

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